We believe it's important for you to know who you're working with.

    Something about WavyDigital

    We aren't your typical web developers; we come from a business background. This unique perspective enables us to grasp your challenges and connect them to real-world scenarios. It's the essence of why WavyDigital was founded by us. Whether you need a platform or a static website, we're equipped to assist you with top-notch quality. Our approach is direct and goal-oriented; we prioritize efficiency and results. With an open-minded attitude, we're quick to innovate, so don't be surprised if our solutions diverge from the norm.

    Image Tijn and Luke

    Hi, I am Luke

    Hi, I am Tijn

    Why work with us?

    1. We understand your business.

    Both founders have a background in business making us the perfect partner for your project. We know how to translate your business needs into a digital product.

    2. We build fast.

    We use the latest technologies and best practices to build your product fast. We don't waste time on unnecessary features. We focus on solving business problems with speed.

    3. We build simple.

    We help you identify the most beneficial and critical elements of your idea and turn them into an easy-to-use and beautiful product.

    4. We build affordable.

    Forget the endless search for freelancers or the cost of hiring a full-time dev team. No big budgets required.

    5. We build it ready for launch.

    You'll receive a product that is ready to launch.